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Anti-Valentine’s Day 2018

Anti-Valentine’s Day In The Rage Room!

One of the most iconic gods in ancient Roman history is Cupid; the god of desire, love, affection, and attraction. Cupid appears in Roman mythology as a chubby boy with wings. His Greek counterpart Eros on the other hand, appears as a  slender winged youth.  Most notably displayed with the bow and arrow; getting shot by one of Cupid’s arrows can lead to love, or a desire to flee from it.

According to Roman mythology, and written about by Latin poet Ovid; Cupid carries two types of arrows: the first is a sharp, golden tipped arrow that fills anyone shot by it with uncontrollable love, affection, and desire. The second is a lead filled, blunt tipped arrow, where if the target is successfully hit, is filled with aversion, and desires to flee. This is demonstrated when Cupid shoots Apollo with a golden arrow, while shooting Daphne; the object of Apollo’s desires, with a lead arrow.

Have you and your significant other been struck by Cupid’s golden arrow, or does it lately feel more like the lead one? Have you ever felt like screaming at the top of your lungs at something your partner did? Smashing their video game console, or their cell phone, because they won’t pay attention to you?  Well Battle Sports is offering a date night just for you!  Our Anti-VDay Package is only $38, comes with 16 love themed smashable items, and a solid 45 minutes for two in the Rage Room. This package is also great for the single people out there who wouldn’t mind solo demolishing all 16 smashables themselves!

The Rage Room’s Anti-VDay package is just one of the many unique date ideas Battle Sports offers. After smashing to your heart’s content, why not challenge your loved one in archery! Take a lesson together and see who can get closest to the bullseye!  Show Cupid who is the best archer (just please don’t shoot each other, save that for Dart of War).  

Anti-VDay packages are available till February 18th!

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