Archery range

The archery range is an outdoor and indoor sport that can be practiced all year round in the city or in the country. In leisure as in competition, the principle remains the same; the archer must send his arrow to the centre of a fixed target by means of a bow. The disciplines of course make it a sport of open-air, combining the virtues of walking with the technicality of shooting in varied situations. It is a sport that requires precision, self-control and a taste, for effort while encouraging integration and respect for the environment when practised in the open air.

It is suitable for all ages and all body types and helps to improve the coordination of movements and balance. Archery range practice is also possible thanks to adapted equipment.

Archery range game recommendations

The practice of archery is supervised by various local structures in Canada.

It is necessary to get information from the clubs referenced by Archery Canada to be able to benefit from supervision and thus practice in optimal safety conditions thanks to the acquisition of a licence.

  • Safety instructions and equipment:
  • Signal my practice to the surroundings.
  • Prefer clothes that are close to the body and fully protect the chest.
  • Wear CE-marked equipment.
  • Do not run in the hall or on the field during the training session.
  • Never run with arrows in your quiver.

Respect the environment:

  • Look for lost arrows and take back broken ones.
  • Organisers and shooters must take care to respect the natural elements: do not break tree branches, respect the flora…
  • Avoid the use of non-degradable materials that could be left in the natural environment.
man aiming in the target

5 good reasons to practice archery

A sport that accessible to everyone

Archery range is a precision sport that can be practiced in clubs from the age of 7. Whether for leisure, with the family, or for competition, it encourages exchanges between all generations.

A sport that gives you a quick progress

The first arrows are shot at a distance of 6 metres, then after a few months of practice at 10, 15… up to 70 metres!

A sport that makes you to gain confidence

Archery range is a sport of concentration, which allows you to get to know yourself better, build your personality, and gain confidence. It requires good self-control to manage one’s emotions. It also brings a lot of rigour to everyday life.

Person Playing Dart

A sport good for body and the mind

Archery is a complete sport with many physical benefits. It works the whole body and helps to improve the coordination of movements. Archery game gives a sense of freedom and inner calm. It is ideal for channeling energy and improving concentration.

A wide choice of activities

Archery is an individual sport, but it can also be practised in teams with a wide choice of disciplines: mixed doubles or teams of three or four archers. Everyone can do it according to their tastes and physical abilities. For those who prefer a more intense activity, run-archery combines archery and running.