Benefits of Battle Sports
for Mind and Body

Karate Taekwondo


Complete sports activity

Are you looking for a complete sports activity, which allows you to expend your energy strengthen your mind, but also acquire noble values? Battle sports and martial arts are what you really need.

Maintain your physique

We are sure that battle sports allow you to work and maintain your physique. In fact, such an activity makes you work all the parts of your body, to gain strength, endurance, flexibility, and agility. Of course, doing a battle sport reduces the risk of illness and increases life expectancy. However, the benefits of a combat sport are not limited to the physical level.



Mental benefits

Indeed, the practice of a battle sport also provides mental benefits. Among other things, it helps you gain self-confidence or feel good about yourself. It is just as effective in relieving stress or getting rid of depression.

Rage room

It’s a room where you can let off steam without limits, everything is made to be broken, smashed, and dismantled!

Are you in a destructive mood? Put on your overalls, chest protectors, and helmets… choose your weapon and put on the music that transcends you before letting off steam in a Rage room!

wach illustration

Archery range

Practised for its therapeutic virtues in rehabilitation centres, archery has established itself as a competitive sport accessible to all, requiring a good balance between body and mind.

Archery can be practised from the age of 7, regardless of age, sex, or morphology. Whether for leisure or competition, it encourages exchanges between all generations.

Colourful Sneakers

Dart of war

There’s nothing better for an evening out with friends than a good game of darts. This classic game is now within your reach. You too can buy your own set of darts and organise your own parties in the garage or garden.

Beat Your Best