We separate our smash items by size. We also have special items, like printers and chairs. You can buy these items individually, or in a package (see details below). Click here to Book Now!

Small item – $1

Medium item – $3

Large item – $5

Chair – $15

Printer – $15 to $25, depending on size

Specialty item – Price & Availability varies

RAGE Packages

There are 3 options you can choose from when you book. We sometimes have special packages available, such as our recent Anti-Valentine’s Day package, so be on the lookout!

Package Small item Medium item Large item Printer Price People
Regular RAGE Session 5 $20 1 Person
Office Space Special 6 3 1 1 $45 (per person) 1 Person
Date Night Package for Two 8 4 2 2 $70 2 People
Super Smash Party Package 20 12 8 2 $100 4 People

Bring Your Own Smash Items!

Bring your own stuff to smash, for only $10! – You can bring a box or bag of your old junk to destroy in our Rage Room!

  • $10 per box/bag on top of booking fee
  • First, make a booking on our website using any of the available options, then bring your box(es) or bag(s) and pay the additional fee on-site on the day of the booking
  • Each box/bag has to be “carry-able” by the smasher, and has to fit through a regular doorway
  • We recommend bringing items that are part of the RAGE Menu
  • We reserve the right to refuse items if deemed unsafe (for example, certain light bulbs release mercury fumes and CRT monitors can explode)

If you would like to donate items to the Rage Room, please contact us at info@battlesports.ca.