With the holiday season right around the corner, the folks at BattleSports wanted to provide you with a list of some of the coolest Nerf Guns available for the Nerf lover in your house!


Look at this beast! From the Nerf Doomlands collection, the Judge has a 30-dart revolving drum that shoots 3 darts at a time. With the Judge in your hands, you will be able to take down any post-apocalyptic beast, Walking Dead zombie, or nightwalker you’re faced with! The Judge retails for roughly $99.99.



Nerf’s first MEGA Dart motorized blaster. Take aim, and watch as the Mastodon launches 24 consecutive darts. Lead your team into battle with this intimidating blaster, or provide covering fire to support the front lines. The Mastodon retails for roughly $79.99.



This motorized blaster from outerspace will shoot 20 rapid fire darts with its revolving drum. Pick up one of these and prepare for the battle to save Earth! Take out any alien invaders with the Incisor! Retails for roughly $59.99.



One of the most accurate blasters available, the Nerf Raptorstrike is a bolt action rifle with 2 six dart clips so you’ll be stocked and ready for battle!  Complete with a stabilizing bipod and pop-up sights, hitting your target with accuracy has never been easier! Retails for roughly $89.99.


For those that like to run and get in close, the Twinshock is a powerful pump action blaster with a 10 Mega Dart capacity! Capable of launching darts 85 feet through the air, the Twinshock has three modes of shooting: single fire, double fire, or rapid fire, giving you all the tools you need to take out your opponents!  Retails for roughly $59.99.

This has been the BattleSports Holiday gift giving guide for the Nerf Lover in your house!  Whether you’re a young kid, or a grown man-child, these blasters are great for anyone looking to have a little fun this holiday season (just don’t blame us for the darts all over your house).  Of course, all these blasters and more are available during our Dart of War events!  Bring your loved ones to our battle zone and unleash a flurry of darts and foam weapons on your friends and family!

Call us today to set up a private event!  If Nerf is not your thing, why not grab a gift card for any of our other services!  We offer Archery Lessons, Archery Dodgeball, and a Rage Room!  The best gift of all, is time spent with your friends and family, and what better way to do it than at Battle Sports!

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