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Narcity – 7 Unique Ways To Relieve Stress

“There’s something about breaking things and making a huge mess that is so stress-relieving. The Rage Room is a room that is specifically designed for things to be destroyed in. At $20 per person (or $70 for couples)”

Business Insider – Relieve Work Stress

“A Toronto company has created a ‘rage room’ that’s the perfect place to de-stress. Feeling stressed? Or angry? Battle Sports’ Rage Room allows you to let go of those feelings by having you destroy everything in sight. Just suit up and release your rage.”

BlogTO – Anti-Valetines Day Smash

“Instead of sitting at home and cussing out Valentine’s day, come hang out with the Battle Sports family and enjoy an awesome afternoon of archery, sweet treats, and meeting new people.”

102.1 The Edge – Against The Grain: Anti V-Day At Battle Sports

“Whether you’re single or partnered up, red fluffy hearts and chocolate in heart-shaped boxes might not be your thing (FYI – that’s not the shape of a biological heart.) If you’re fed up with cute activities, come smash Valentine’s Day symbols at BattleSports. Rip those silly stuffed hearts and anything with a heart on it (not IN it, guys, we’re not hitting living things!).”

The Creator’s Project – Toronto’s All You Can Break Room

“I used to get jealous watching actors half-heartedly chuck plates against walls in anguish—I wanted to throw those plates, too. I wanted that feeling of reckless abandon, that ability to break shit without consequences. And now, I have it: For just $20 at Toronto’s Battle Sports complex, you can rent a “Rage Room,” a space in which you’re free to destroy as much as you want.”