The home of the world famous Rage Room and the first Nerf Battle Arena service we call Dart of War. Our headquarters of Battle Sports Inc. is located at 26 Ashwarren Road, North York, Ontario, Canada. We offer 4 unique fun services known as Archery Dodgeball, Rage Room, Archery Lessons and Dart of War. We -can cater to all ages and we can entertain private/birthday parties and company parties from 10 to 100+ guests. Give us a call at 647-800-6977 or email us to inquire about your booking today: info@battlesports.ca

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Thundrdome Amusements is located at: Unit B, 7005 – 6th Street SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2H 2G3.

Thundrdome Amusements is the home of the largest indoor Combat Archery facility and the one and only Rage Room™ in Western Canada. Come and battle for supremacy in one of our indoor arenas, hone your skills in our safe archery range, or smash some stuff in our Isolation Chamber’s Rage Room™! We offer family friendly combat archery and competitive nerf games here at Thundrdome Amusements—there’s something for everyone, so bring down the whole family!

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Farshot is located at: 10 Centennial Rd #5 Orangeville · ON L9W1P8 · Canada

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