Top 5 tips to take aim at your holiday party this year!

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and with it comes food, parties, festivities and a whole lot of planning! Your team is going to be looking for a fun, engaging, and social get together to celebrate the achievements and look ahead to an another stellar year. Planning the holiday party is a daunting task – Will it be formal, or casual? Will it be a cocktail party? A Dinner? Or snacks in the breakroom? Will there be a theme? Finding something your whole team will love that won’t break the bank is tough.  Here are 5 tips to plan the perfect event this holiday season saving you grief and dollars:

  1. Get Creative, Make it fun:
    Everyone loves a good cocktail party, but the odds are everyone in your office will be attending at least one this season. Try something different and fun: activity based parties not only get teams moving in new and fun ways, they let employees get to know and work together in ways they do not typically interact in the office.
  2. Relieve Stress:
    The holidays are often the most stressful time of the year. Between gifts to buy, parties to plan and attend, and year end accounting: most people report feeling the pinch in December. Add to this the endless stream of “what not to do at a holiday party” popping up on everyone’s news feed: The holiday party can add to the stress of the season. Choose an activity that will relieve stress and encourage participation.
  3. Include Everyone:
    Does everyone on your staff celebrate Christmas? Someone with a gluten allergy? Do you have someone on your staff who identifies as having a disability? Lactose intolerance? Won’t eat anything that’s purple? No problem: Pick a place with a number of activities and flexible catering options.
  4. Make it Economical:
    Employee surveys <> report that almost half of those who responded dislike formal, high priced parties! Respondents reported that they believed the party price tag affected their salary. Skip the steakhouse and signature cocktails for a beer and pizza bash at a local hot spot.
  5. Easy:
    Parties should be fun and easy. Pick a place that will help you with leading activities, photos, food, and alcohol permits. It’s a party, you should be enjoying, not working.

If you’re looking for a creative, fun, stress-relieving, inclusive, economical and easy holiday party, Battle Sports is your ideal party locale! Engage your teams in the many fun activities Battle Sports has to offer: Archery dodgeball, Archery Lessons, Nerf Battle, and even a Rage Room to get revenge on the office printer that broke down again (Note: we’ll most likely have a printer available for you, but feel free to bring your own!)

Battle Sports’ staff will help you book one of their party rooms equipped with screens and gaming consoles, and tailor your food and beverage to your needs. They will even look after all the games organization and photography to make it a really memorable. After pelting the boss with arrows or darts, exchange libations over a friendly game of Super Nintendo Mario Kart.

Contact the friendly staff at Battle Sports to book the best holiday bash your company has ever seen: | 647-800-6977

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