Happy New Year! Make a Resolution to Get In Shape With Battlesports!

Happy New Year from all of us at BattleSports!

If getting in shape is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, stop in and give our Archery Range and Archery Dodgeball activities a try for an unconventional workout!

Archery requires a significant amount of upper body strength. Archery uses your arms, core, shoulders, and back to draw the string, take aim, and fire a perfect shot. The higher the draw weight of your bow, the more strength is required to pull back the string. As you increase both practice time and draw weight, you’ll see an increase in your stamina and strength! Slow and steady wins the race!

Archery is also great for coordination and balance. Hand-eye coordination is needed to steady your aim on the target and fire where your eyes want it to go. With practice in archery, you will see improvements in other sports that require hand-eye coordination, such as tennis, golf, even ping pong! Along with coordination, a balanced posture is key in preparing your shot. Steady your balance by planting your feet about hip-width apart and activate your core to stand tall. While aiming, your body needs to be controlled, otherwise your shot will miss. At the Olympic distance of 70 metres, accidentally moving your aim by 1 degree will cause you to miss the target completely! Take a breath, control your body, and improve your aim, so that you’re able to go for the bullseye every time. When you take your first lesson, one of our instructors will show you the steps needed to properly aim, and fire an arrow.

Given these steps, archery requires a lot of mental focus. You will learn to clear your mind of all outside influences so that you can focus on guiding the arrow where you want it to go. That said, archery is a great way to relax after a long day. Learning to free yourself from distractions while on the archery range can apply to other areas of life like school, work, and relationships.

Once you’re done in the range, sign up for an Archery Dodgeball event! If you’re not tired from the range, we will leave you out of breath as you try to run, aim, and shoot your friends in this fast paced event! Archery Dodgeball will combine all the lessons learned from our instructors, with the high intensity workout of a game of dodgeball! You will need to keep your eyes open, your feet light, and your aim sharp, if you are going to emerge victorious!

It’s a new year. Get in shape, and try something new, at BattleSports!

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