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The Dart of War | A Look at NERF

NERF Over The Years

If you were a child growing up in the 90s, or early 2000s, somewhere in your memory banks is a fondness for NERF weapons. Perhaps you played with them yourself, or had friends who did. They conjure a certain nostalgia for pillow forts, sleepovers, and friendly, foam-tipped war games. As an adult, you’ve probably shot a suction-tipped dart at a buddy’s forehead when he made the mistake of sleeping first during a night of drunken shenanigans.  Yes, if a friend has ever left you with suction cups on your face the night before your wedding, you can thank Parker Brothers and Hasbro.

Surprisingly, NERF weapons actually have very innocent beginnings.  NERF technology was not, at least initially, used for weaponry at all. In the 1960s, game inventor Reyn Guyer (the genius who also brought us Twister) delivered to Parker Brothers a volleyball game “safe for indoor play”. Seeing the potential in the ball, which would later be marketed as safe enough to be thrown indoors without damaging furniture or hurting people, Parker Brothers stripped away the outlying volleyball game and promptly began selling the 4″ polyurethane ball solo. In less than a year, over 4 million balls were sold, and Parker Brothers quickly expanded their line to include the Super Nerf Ball, “Nerfoop” (basketball), and the now-famous NERF football.

NERF Blasters

NERF guns, as commonly known today, originated in the late 1980s with the NERF Blast-a-Ball and Arrowstorm.  Based on the same furniture and people-friendly foam as the original ball, the toy weaponry line is made to fire darts, discs, or foam balls. Foam-tipped or suction-tipped darts are the most common ammunition, but velcro-tipped darts specifically marketed for use with dart-tag vests have upped the competitive nature of NERF fighting by making it easier to “tag people out” when firing.  Pro tip: we think pretending not to realize you’ve hit someone already is even more fun.   Today, the term “NERF gun” is ubiquitous, associated with any foam-tipped dart blaster, whether or not it is made and manufactured by Hasbro.

Dart of War!

Battle Sports Inc. wants you to unleash your inner warrior. You know, the side of you that existed long before 9-5 jobs, mortgages and responsibility. Remember how easy things were when you ran around the neighborhood shooting your friends and family for fun? That safe, innocent, fun can be yours again!

Our Dart of War experience is played in a 9,000 square foot facility with everything from simple handguns to super-charged automatic machine guns. Yes, you can pretend to be Arnie chasing down the Predator with bandoliers of ammo flying. Whatever floats your boat. Or gets you to the choppa.

  • 100+ NERF guns (ready for action!)
  • more ammo than you can possibly wear!
  • a moveable obstacle course filled with inflatables (for you to hide behind, launch yourself over, or sneak up on friends!)
  • 9,000 square feet of playable space
  • 60+ minutes of intense cardio…better than any visit to the gym! (we promise you’ve never run as fast you’ll run when someone comes at you with a foam axe!)
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