Battle Sports Now Offers Off-site Mobile Events


You came over to our facility, had a blast and now you’re planning on utilizing Battle Sports activities for your next big event. You want to bring everyone over to our location, but run into some challenges along the way. Well, do we have a solution for you. Battle Sports now offers off-site packages for your convenience. Here’s what you can expect with our mobile events:

When booking with us, you can anticipate an off-site specialist to guide you through the activities. We want to ensure that you host an event that leaves everyone talking, so we connect you with a Battle Sports staff member to help you plan out every single detail. Whether it be a birthday party or company function, our off-site specialists can provide you with ideas and sample itineraries to make your event a success.

 One of our featured packages is the multi-activity event. This package includes up to four Battle Sports activities that includes an archery range, archery dodgeball, the rage room and Nerf games.

Not exactly what you’re looking for? Not a problem, because we can customize a special package just for you. Starting at $599, we can create a bundle that includes staff, equipment and on-site insurance.

Now you might be questioning, “What if it rains the day that I host the party? What if I don’t have enough space in my house to make all the activities work?” We’re happy to let you know that at Battle Sports, we’re prepared for any situation. Rain or shine, we can provide you with a large multi-purpose tent, ideal for unpredictable weather situations or to act as a staging ground for Battle Sports activities.

So whatever event you’re planning for, we’ve got you covered. Just tell us where and when, and we’ll be there! Let us bring the party over to you!




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