From Mud Slinging to Archery: A History of Dodgeball!

You might not believe it, but dodgeball has been a sport that has evolved through the
years. It’s easy to to think that all one does is dodge and shoot. If you were to time
travel back in Africa 200 or so years ago, you’d see the beginnings of what would be an
exhilarating sport, one that we at Battle Sports have merged with archery to multiply the
fun. But let’s start at the roots to see how stone throwing morphed into something more.

Sticks and stones do break bones, and sadly, that is how “dodgeball” would get its start.
There was one goal: pelt your competition with rocks until they could no longer play.
Harsh would be an understatement, yet there was a purpose for all this! Players of such
a sport were taught the valuable lesson of teamwork and strategy. If you wanted to
prove yourself, you would play with all your might and be the last man standing — kind
of like dodgeball today.

You can thank Dr. James H. Carlisle for transforming the game into what we know it is
today. He taught his own students back in England the game, this time using a leather
ball instead of rocks. The game got off to a rocky start (no pun intended), with the
students not having the drive seen back in Africa. Eventually, America would get its
chance to see the light when a dude named Phillip Ferguson saw the sport and
probably said the old age equivalent of “Yasssss, slay!”

But dodgeball has seen a bad rep through these last couple of decades. Instead of the
team-building sport it was known to be, it was simplified to be the game that kids hated
because it encouraged bullying. It has been banned in several schools for giving a
chance for bullies to pick on victims by hurling balls to hurt others.

Yet that was only one piece of the pie. When it came from Africa, its one big WIN was
that it let people team up to show that there really wasn’t an “I” in team. You didn’t need
to be friends with everyone you played with, but you needed the heart to say
“CHAAAAARGE!” with a group of people by your side. Ironically enough, a game about
subtracting people was meant as a game of addition. Quick maths: Would it better to be
a lone wolf and hope for the best, or would you rather have an army behind you
Avengers style, ready to take on Thanos and his team? I trust you gave the right

It’s odd to think that we’ve come so far. I mean, there’s regular dodgeball, trampoline
dodgeball, and archery dodgeball. I think there was a time a team tried to dodge

wrenches (please don’t do this…). At Battle Sports, you can book an Archery Dodgeball
match publicly (and meet some cool new people) or privately with just your friends.
You’ll get to team up and show the world (or at least the arena) that you’ve got what it
takes to pull a Katniss Everdeen. You can imagine that you’re Robin Hood with his
Merry Men. You can be whoever you want, and maybe say to yourself:

“I want to be an archer when I grow up!”

It’s never too late for that dream.

Book an Archery Dodgeball game now!

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