An Unofficial Zombie Survival Guide

Halloween is around the corner, meaning freaky costumes and glorious candy. But what happens if we were to face a real zombie outbreak from out of nowhere. The undead around us wouldn’t be in heaps of fake blood and makeup! Thankfully, our Dart of War and Archery Dodgeball players have inspired several tips that can help you out in a bind, in case the world suddenly goes Walking Dead on us.

Barricades: You can’t risk a horde of the undead coming after you. Keep them at bay by creating a fort with protection. Build obstacles that the enemy will have to get around. Barricades will slow zombies down enough to take them out.

Children playing at BattleSports with barriers in front of them.

Strength in Numbers: Going at things alone might be your downfall. Get a group of people you can trust before you tackle the living dead. Who knows what surprises they’ll have in store? You might be dealing with Super Zombies with high intelligence. At first, you’ll see a few of them, then BAM! A dozen of them will appear. Thankfully, you’ve got your own team to back you up.

Kids sitting on the floor at BattleSports, planning.

Split Duties: We all have our separate strengths, and because of that you should delegate who can do what. Someone can be a medic, a defender, a big gun, or tactician. Depending on who and what weapons you have, the outcome of a showdown will be different. Take whatever time you have to group up and plan ahead.

People playing at BattleSports.

Be Aware of Surroundings: One wrong move and it’s over. You might be running away from the dead, but you need to know what’s around you. One of your party members might not be looking while you’re beelining it straight to safety, then BAM! You two are goners. There might be someone smart enough to sneak around you. Your eyes should be ever vigilant when you move so you can prevent injury.

Be Creative: Sometimes you can take a piece of a wall and use it as a shield. You might have items shaped like baseball bats or wooden stakes. You can’t exactly have all the supplies you need, so you have to improvise.

Friends facing off at BattleSports.

Now, I’m not saying that Battle Sports is a training ground for scenarios like this, but it feels pretty exhilarating imagining the other team as the undead while you wield a foam axe and plastic shield. Maybe that birthday party where you played Dart of War inspired you to hone your skills. Who knows? Host a party at Battle Sports for a massively fun time (and secretly get that zombie survival training you didn’t know you needed).

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